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Redefine the Impossible

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Singapore Women¡¦s Everest Team

Since its formation in July 2004, the Singapore Women¡¦s Everest Team (SWET) has taken community outreach as one of its guiding objectives. SWET not only aims to become Singapore¡¦s very first team of female mountaineers to summit the world¡¦s highest peak¡XMount Everest, SWET also strives to become positive role models for today¡¦s youth.

Living up to the team motto to ¡§Redefine the Impossible¡¨, SWET is a premier example of how six ordinary Singaporeans can share a seemingly impossible goal, but with enough courage to dream and fortitude to persevere, be on the road to success.

Since 2004, SWET has been sharing its inspirational journey in talks to audiences all across the nation, from youths in secondary schools to junior colleges and tertiary institutions. SWET¡¦s message to our youth has always been simple, but resonates with motive: ¡§Climb Your Own Everest¡¨.

SWET believes that Everest signifies the pinnacle of success and as such, each and every individual has his or her own ¡§Everest¡¨ to climb. For SWET, ¡§Everest¡¨ is a literal mountain, but to today¡¦s youth, ¡§Everest¡¨ can stand as a metaphor for each individual¡¦s goal, be it to achieve top grades in the next exam, to break a sports record, to run a marathon or as a guiding light to remind one to continuously aim higher for self-improvement.

SWET Introduces ¡§Aspiring Mountaineers¡¦ Programme¡¨

This year, to further benefit our youth with the experience of SWET¡¦s four-year journey of leadership and self-discovery on the climb to the summit of Mount Everest, SWET launches the Aspiring Mountaineers¡¦ Programme (AMP).

AMP is a holistic student confidence development programme that aims to empower our youth to dare to dream and to persevere in their ambitions. Throughout the various activities in AMP, the overarching themes will be that of:
- Trust in Self and Team
- Empowerment through Self
- Empowerment through Team

AMP is catered for youth between the ages of 15 and 21. All activities of AMP will be conducted by members of SWET and by the specially formed AMP Support Crew where additional manpower is required.

Aspiring Mountaineers Programme Outline

The complete AMP comprises of 3 levels: ¡§Base Camp¡¨, ¡§High Camp¡¨ and the finale ¡§Summit¡¨ segment. The 3 levels of the AMP are synonymous with the various checkpoints on Mount Everest that SWET will meet up on the actual climb to the summit.

¡§Base Camp¡¨ ¡V Introductory Inspirational Talk
As an introduction to AMP, this first stage of involvement between SWET and your school will be through an inspirational talk on the theme of ¡§Climb Your Own Everest¡¨. This introductory talk will serve as the first point of contact between SWET and the students, and will enable SWET to share the objectives of AMP and highlight the host of exciting activities to follow.

¡§High Camp¡¨ ¡V Commitment to Achieve
This second step in AMP will focus on understanding what each individual¡¦s dreams and aspirations are, in order to better allow SWET to integrate the subsequent activities to follow. This segment will be achieved through an online ¡§Dreamscape¡¨ on SWET¡¦s website that will allow students to sign in and pen down their dreams and aspirations. Using a series of guiding questions as prompts, SWET will encourage students to think about and concretize their dreams into achievable targets. The online ¡§Dreamscape¡¨ will also form a support network, where students can motivate and be similarly motivated by their peers.

¡§Summit¡¨ ¡V Fulfilling the Journey
Simulating a mini Everest journey, SWET will use a range of team-based outdoor activities to encourage students to reflect on empowerment through being in a team, through sharing an inspired team vision. This will be done through a series of exercises set up to simulate a mini ¡¥Everest¡¦ climb, such as artificial ice-wall climbing, abseiling, and rope ascending ¡V all of which are activities SWET will encounter on the actual Everest climb. While SWET aims to promote self-confidence and self-empowerment, it is also important to recognize the contribution that each individual can make within a team environment that can ultimately lead to the fulfillment of a group objective and even pave the way towards fulfilling individual goals.

Aspiring Mountaineers Programme Details

¡§Base Camp¡¨
- Introductory inspirational talk spanning about 45minutes
- Will be conducted at any time depending on your school¡¦s and SWET¡¦s availability
- Will be held at your school¡¦s premise

¡§High Camp¡¨
- To be conducted after introductory talk
- Online participation, approximately 20 minutes
- Can be completed in your school at a venue where there is internet connection. Alternatively, you may choose to let your students complete this segment at the convenience of their homes.

- Series of activities (such as artificial ice-wall climbing, abseiling and rope ascending) spanning 4 hours to stimulate a mini Everest experience
- Will be held at SAFRA Adventure Sports Centre (SASC) at SAFRA Yishun Country Club
- Activity group size will not exceed 50 students for better facilitation
- Restricted to one activity date to ensure full manpower and logistics support for student participants.

Cost of AMP
AMP is a youth initiative developed by SWET, with the venue sponsored by SAFRA Adventure Sports Centre. The programme is brought to your school at no cost. AMP represents SWET and SAFRA¡¦s commitment to inspire our youth to have the confidence to actualize their dreams. AMP is our way of bringing the lessons from Everest to our youth.

About SASC
The SAFRA Adventure Sports Centre (SASC) is a one-stop facility for anyone who wants to indulge in adventure activities. Situated at SAFRA Yishun Country Club, its facilities and activities cater to different adventure appetites ¡V mild, intermediate or advance.

Among the services it provides are corporate training programmes, unit cohesion activities and teambuilding programmes for groups (including schools, corporations and any organized groups). It is also an excellent place for parties and social gatherings ¡V and for all age groups too.

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If you would like to understand the Aspiring Mountaineers¡¦ Programme further, we¡¦ll be happy to address any queries you might have. Please feel free to drop us a note us at, we¡¦ll get back to you the soonest. You can also refer to the list of ¡§Frequently Asked Questions¡¨ found below.


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