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Everest 2009

Step into the team’s journey up Mt Everest with detailed expedition posts on our progress to the summit.


An inspiring story of 6 young women, bounded by a common love, and their 5 year journey that culminated with the summit of Mount Everest.


Hear from our experience of realising a dream deemed impossible, and how the pursuit of Everest lent us new lenses to view life.


311, 2016

Teamwork, the Everest way

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From: INSEAD Business School Blog The first Singaporean women to reach the summit of Everest used a framework that defines effective teams. There were no Olympic medals up for grabs when Sim Yi Hui and Jane Lee, the co-founders of the Singapore Women’s Everest team set out to recruit team [...]

2404, 2011

TEDxSingapore – Esther Tan – All Women’s Everest Team

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Esther is part of the NATAS Singapore Women's Everest Team. After an arduous 5-year journey of planning, training and fund-raising; she and her teammates created history for the nation by being the first Singaporean women to summit the highest mountain in the world on 20 May 2009. TEDxSingapore is an [...]

412, 2009

Her World Young Woman Achiever 2009: Singapore Women’s Everest Team

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From: Her World MEET THE NATAS SINGAPORE WOMEN’S EVEREST TEAM Joanne Soo, 39, runs Ace Adventure, an adventure company; Lee Li Hui, 28, is a financial consultant; Sim Yi Hui (co-team leader), 27, is an experimental education officer; Jane Lee (team leader), 26, runs Wild Atlas Expeditions, a niche adventure company; Esther Tan, 28, [...]

106, 2009

Heroes Behind The Mountain

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Yes, we climbed Mt Everest and we summitted the mountain. But beyond the support of sponsors, individual donors, family and friends, there is a group of people whom we are grateful for - our sherpa guides. From the acclimatization climbs to the actual summit push, our sherpas have been with [...]

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