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The Everest journey has brought us to many unfamiliar places and this includes the media limelight, where extensive coverage was given right from the formation of the team.

Printed Media

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More in Printed Media

Date Name of Program Publication
10 Dec 2008 Everest Team’s Uphill Task Straits Times
27 Nov 2008 Go Ahead For Women’s Everest Team MyPaper
Oct 2008 Local Heroes Of Our Time TimeOut Magazine
Sept 2008 Determined For An Everest Date MyPaper
16 Mar No go yet for team but one to make solo bid Straits Times
9 Mar (1st Episode) Women who “never say die” Rouge
Jan/Feb (Vol 17) Aiming High Livewell
Dec 2007 It’s Not So Lonely At The Top MyPaper
16 Dec 2007 Singapore Women Aims For Everest Next Year Lianhe Zaobao
1 Dec 2007 Women On Top Shanghai Daily
30 Nov 2007 Mount Everest Never Tasted So Sweet The New Paper
17 March 2007 Everest Girls Prepare for Everest Lianhe Zaobao
March 2007 Why does she push her body so hard? Her World
Nov-Dec 2006 Bridging the Nutritional Gap Live Well
Nov 2006 Staying Healthy in Singapore Medicase Singapore
1 Nov 2006 Eight For Everest – Eight Women Have Their Eye On Everest The Straits Times (Mind Your Body)
20 Aug 2006 “Singapore’s first women’s team conquer Xinjiang’s mountain” Lianhe Wanbao
June 2006 “I Love The Sun” – issue on sporty women
(Esther Tan as mountaineer)
NuYou Magazine
Oct 2005 Aiming High Shape magazine
21 June 2005  Hajat Hati Memeluk Gunung –  Hajat Hati Memeluk Gunung
(translated as “Desire to Embrace the Mountain”)
Berita Harian

More in Broadcast

Date Name of Program Broadcast Station
2 March 2009 “Getting ready for Everest” News 938 LIVE
27 Nov 2008 Women’s Everest Team Sponsored News 938 LIVE
March 2008 Rogue talk show hosted by Eunice Olsen, “Women Who Never Say Die” Channel 5
March 2008 My Secret Sports Identify Channel 5 & TV Mobile
12 July Singapore’s first women’s Everest team raises funds for climb Channel News Asia
16 Dec 2007 Singapore Tonight Channel News Asia
14 Dec 2007 The Morning Express Class95 FM
21 April 2007 News 5 Tonight Channel 5
21 April 2007 Singapore Tonight Channel News Asia
13 April 2007 The Gold Breakfast Show The Gold Breakfast Show Gold 90.5FM
5 April 2007 Speaking the truth from the heart Capitol 95.8FM
14 March 2007 The Living Room News 938 LIVE
30 Dec 2006 Record Breakers: Kids Reality Series Kids Central
21 Dec 2005 SportsZone Focus News 938 LIVE
20 Oct 2005 Good Morning Singapore (Chinese) Channel 8
20 June 2005 The Breakfast Club News 938 LIVE
3 August 2004 The Living Room News 938 LIVE
26 July 2004 Singaporean all-women team to climb Mount Everest Channel News Asia

Online / Others

Date  Title of Article Website / Media
27 Nov 2008 Women stake bid to climb Everest Women stake bid to climb Everest The Straits Times Interactive
16 Dec 2007 Levi’s “Stay True” campaign launch  Levi’s “Stay True” campaign launch
(Esther Tan featured as mountaineer)
21 April 2007 Singapore Women’s Everest Team scales Mustagh Ata mountain
in China
Channel News Asia
18 Aug 2006 1st Women’s climbing team train to conquer Everest peak Channel News Asia
May 2006 Adopt-A-Metre Launched To Raise Funds for SWET Channel News Asia
27 July 2004 Everest Team To Leave In March ST RazorTV
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