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Excerpts from More Than A Mountain


S.R. Nathan, Former President of Singapore

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Avalanche at the Khumbu Icefall

Lee Peh Gee

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It’s More Fun Being A Female Climber

Jane Lee

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The Juggling Act

Esther Tan

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“It was an audacious idea that a team of women were going to climb Mount Everest. Yet they did.

This book is a testament to their endurance and fortitude. All those who have trained for marathons and sporting events know the toll it takes.

I could feel myself shuddering in sympathy as they outlined their training in preparing for the ultimate event.

It’s truly ironic that the first test that every Singaporean out of the box idea must overcome is ” Where is the money?”

It’s almost like if you can find the money then you are committed to doing what it takes.

The book sounds like a treatise on how to navigate an obstacle course on the way to your goal.

Unlike many accounts of adventure stories, it provides a realistic gritty feel of what it takes to overcome Herculean odds and triumph. A great metaphor for a journey into adventure or even a business startup.”

Dr Sundardas D Annamalay , CEO, NTC Alliance Group of Companies (Amazon Best-selling Author, Award winning Entrepreneur)

I just did a quick read of your book “More Than A Mountain”.

I must say that it’s a joy to read and there are many awe inspiring moments in how the team overcomes the challenges & snubs in the 5 year journey.

And the photos are spectacular !!!! Definitely a keeper for our home & libraries!

Awesome stuff!

Jayne Tan

I have just received the books with thanks. I unintentionally stumbled onto your team’s motivational story and book on the web a few months ago. I thought it has to be something interesting and I checked out the book at our local library. After browsing through the book I decided to get it.

I have been inspired by the motivating stories of how your team candidly unfold the challenges overcome to successfully summit Mount Everest, which is a testament to the strength and beauty of the human spirit. This book blessed me with the courage to embrace and confront my own mountains and vulnerabilities. That it is alright with not reaching the summit for every attempt. That failure is success in progress!

Applause to you SWET for putting this enchanting book together that are written from the heart, complemented by captivating photographs and illustrations. Definitely an inspirational book worth reading!

Thank you, SWET!

Yap Lay See

I’m having such an enjoyable read on your article. I can’t put down your book when I really should be clearing my work!

Audrey Tan

I completed SWET book within a day. I am very impressed by your team’s sharing and takeaway. It’s definitely going to be an inspiring book to many, so many valuable lessons you gals have shared in the book. Definitely a good book to have.

Mui Kiang
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