jane blogs again. yikes.

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i’ve gone and done it again. not blog for yonks. i maintain that i was always meant to be a luddite and all things that come with wires are repelled from me.

the singapore river regatta came and went this weekend past. on a happy note, my younger brother, paddling for RP, took home a silver medal in the men’s open category. yay for younger brothers! =)

on a not too merry note, i realised just how much i missed the whole being in spc (singapore paddle club) thing! true, i only paddled for sava ’06, but because of my relationship with kyo, a permanent dragonboat fixture since like 1965, it seems like i’ve been around the sport for a much longer time.

climbing is my first love, but i’m also a real water baby at heart and when i was actually training for it during the post mustagh climb break last year, i thought the sport was totally fun. no plans of hanging up my crampons EVER, but hey, there’ll be some room for more paddling in the post-Everest future. =)

i was only at the race for short periods last weekend, but that was long enough to catch up with some old friends and timely enough to get a load of kyo’s broken paddle. which i thought, in utterly bimbo fashion, was such a turn on. kyo actually managed to break his carbon paddle in half while doing a draw stroke before a race start. without much consideration for consequence, i thought hefting a broken paddle was pretty amazing, to his consternation.

anyway, on an even more ridiculous note, i shall leave off with some monday comic relief, courtesy of mr a*** t**. some things (and people) just never change. =)

you HAVE to see this!

Jane Lee
Ms Jane Lee was the leader, and a founding member of the Singapore Women’s Everest Team. Jane was the first woman from Southeast Asia, and the 37th woman in history, to have scaled the Seven Summits. She also completed a 560km ski crossing of Greenland in June 2013.
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